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slashdot week

this nice picture shows the spread of a cancer cell... lovely, isn't it...

btw, here's something that may lead to thirtytwobit performing a 200dB 15kHz concert with massive pyrotech alt-F11 session on 10x10meters mega-screens at wembley stadium in a close future!!
"Microsoft technology will be used in the stadium, and the firm will get use of the pitch for 90 minutes a year."

other cool random news (all this is from slashdot):
Coding and Roleplaying - Is There a Connection?
NASA Puts A Stop To Space Romance
Vintage Computer Festival 8.0
Minor Computer Flaw Frees State Prisoners
Zombie Lurch

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a universe of nanocars

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on games good idea of the week
a nice little worm

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virtual epidemy cheap ideas about art
thought (or just feeling) that came to me during yesterday's discussion about relations between artists and programmers, with annie, pendha, sylvaire.
doing art is building something that _can't_ be dissolved inside something else.
can't explain for the moment.
and flashback to my first student exercise. attempting to do something that _immediately_ ('snap') puts someone into another level of consiousness. maybe just making one doubt about reality.

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kick out the internet jams, a great rss feed by cory arcangel and hanne mugaas, featuring tons of excellent links. I don't have time to select my favorites, and anyway, all of them are worth visiting.

the silicium zoo, a gallery of weird stuff hidden into microchips

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memories new(s) page
quickly made new homepage, the old one is still here

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roadmap#001 just in case you wonder
this blog is just myself writing to myself

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1min review back from napoli
our 10days in napoli, including 1week away from any computer, is finished.

we are very happy with the show we gave (september 20th) : 25mins of raw noise, defaced pop music and flashy Microsoft Windows VJ shortcuts session, ending with vincent wrecking his keyboard. the people over there seemed happy too, some danced, some applaused... which can be understood when you taste their coffee, hear the noise of their traffic, and see the napolitan urban mess.
special thanks to sandra, who helped and supported us so much, and to all the staff of the biennale.

record of random memories to (desperately) keep track of :
"every breath you take" musak mix (julienc residu) in the hotel entrance
capo di monte (claire celine) + the sleep in the park
cantina at castel sant'elmo (claire céline stéphane residu jeanluc dominique hervé ...)
hotel room and emptying the minibar (julienh mathieu)
procida by boat (julienh mathieu clémence ...?)
taxis shuttle funiculare metro (residu stephane claire celine jeanluc)
party (last tuesday?) (david julienc jeanluc dominique stéphane claire ...)
david wampach's show (awesome!) and the gay cowboys (julienh)
gum's (butt,) attitude and painting
sleep on the sea shore (claire)
discotek bar (gum francesca stephane residu claire)
french institute (julienh stephane residu dominique)
museum (celine claire) & the "secret cabinet"
churches (claire hervé celine)
pint club, queen & toto videos (hervé claire celine residu dominique all)
herculanum (julienh mathieu)
grappa evenings (hervé julienc)
view from castel sant'elmo from the top of procida from the tangenziale
mess chaos horns porns sunglasses breasts
waiting (with everybody)

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Fwd: [syndicate] fuck this shit

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Date: Oct 3, 2005 8:07 AM
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