my first actionscript class
and obviously, it is almost totally unuseful !
it's a class that allows an object to interpolate it's properties values in function of the hour of the day. you can use it, in exemple, for day/night color effects on your website.
download here: DaySchedule

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today is my birthday.
I'm 24,
which is quite close to 25,
which is kind of close to 30,
which begins to be old,
and has a slight smell of death...
nothing more to say.

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neural #23

the latest excellent printed issue from the excellent italian magazine about new media art, hacktivism and e-music, neural is available.
with such cool stuff as:

Circuit Bending, repurposing the past
Invasive Media, Luca Bertini interview
Nonlinear Software, Tom Betts/Nullpointer interview
among other
all infos and ordering here

neural has also a great website which features _tons_ of other cool articles about the topics above, and is moreover daily updated!

anyway, it's really worth buying the printed issue too.
(even if I didn't actually buy the one I got... so thanks so much annie for the subscription gift!)

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"nightly build" library a cool Flash game ... made without Flash
got it from's mailing list:
it's the first Flash game I see which has been totally realized without the Macromedia Flash IDE, only with open-source software.
groovy xmas: no need to offer your favorite geek a Macromedia Flash 8 licence.
more open source flash exemple here

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reflexion is a matter of data recording, manipulation and display.
mirrors are the zero degree of reflexion.

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still furtherfield
what a great furtherfield issue!
I forgot this one!
Words Made Flesh (2005) - Florian Cramer
really looks like a brilliant work about an awesome topic.
I didn't read it yet, but saw there was a Steven Seagal movie quoted on the very first line! can't be that bad.

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about glitch on furtherfield
Glitch Art by Tony Scott (2005) - Tony Scott
cool review. a bit short ?

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