google os?
soon, maybe...

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new pawfaliki released
my favorite wiki engine, pawfaliki, is now 0.5.0, with a few bug fixes and a new lock page feature.
one single php script, no MySQL: it's the simplest and most hackable stuff I found.
0.6.0 should feature file upload and management, and a search engine.

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here are photos of our first concert as "mongodroids" (aka thirtytwobit and _project).
a heavy-metal band with circuit-bended machines and toys.
december 9 2005 at monoquini, montpellier.
thanks to david-o (?).

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St Lawrence of Google
"If Google is a religion, what is its God? It would have to be The Algorithm. Faith in the possibility of an omniscient and omnipotent algorithm appears to be what MMr Page and Brin have in common."

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frozen niki and hot news
currently experimenting with my collection of 80s computers
I'm re-discovering the pleasure of BASIC programming (and by the way unearthing what I would call the "silver age" of Microsoft products.), and of "abandonware bending".
here are the coolest ressources I've found about this so far: <= moreover has a beautiful javascript intro!

the links below are nice stuff I found the last few days (thx annie):

frozen niki
looks like it's currently down, but it's been a very long time since I haven't seen such an impressing work, an experimental and fictive blog by olia lialina and dragan espenschied. in short (because I hope I'll have some time to finally write an actual _article_ about this particular work), it tells the story of a russian cosmonaut, frozen for the needs of a deep space mission, and whose cerebral activity is recorded, sent to earth, decoded and finally posted as a more or less abstract "flow" of images (mostly gifs so far) representing the current mood of the guy.

a vernacular web
this one is from olia lialina too, and is a very interresting study of the webdesign "clich├ęs" of the early web (written by an authentic expert!)

Looking for Art in All the Wrong Places, by jon ippolito & joline blais.

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