Another work of Art
Another work of Art
especially dedicated to Cory Arcangel

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open source flash
(re)discovering Open Source Flash :

inspired by two commonly opposite concepts : .swf applications design in one hand and Open Source philosphy in the other hand.
one of the goals is to make available a free multi-platform IDE (called Flames IDE) and additional tools for designing Flash Player compatible files.
Awaiting Flames IDE, you can still try the current Fame and Fames IDEs (that's what I'm actually doing...), which look already quite powerful (feature AS2 support and swf publishing among other).
the guys are already hacking and experimenting with the latest (and actually not yet documented!) Flash Player 8 beta features.

but the main reason why I'm writing about them today is that they're launching a new project, which is called FREE so far (for Flash Remoting Encoded Exchange), and will probably lead to an Open Source alternative to Flash Communication Server.
Interesting, isn't it ?

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rocket system for everyone
here's a DIY rocket system, which probably would not run all the way to Pluto, but, well, may be a good beginning: you can still embed a CD-R inside, and throw it to your favorite neighbour.

I managed to plug a network of similar launchers to a Google Maps interface, and added a bit of napalm in the head...
you can try this here :
feel free to blow out whatever you want

looks like we're ready to invade Pluto!
more other manuals to prepare the attack, do propaganda and train colons here
and even to celebrate our future victory

[thx to marc garett & netbehaviour for the link]

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Be a good 21st century space tourist: send your name to Pluto, just like 20th century tourists who write their names on our old monuments. Claim your stupidity to the whole Humanity, it will be famous for the next centuries.

And drink more coffee.
coffee is good.
I just hope a similar article about beer will soon be released.

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installation by derstrudel and ralph schreiber from september 02 to 30, and robot workshop from september 03 to 04 in galerie am rathaus, bochum, germany.

go build your own analog walking robots or solar robots, even if you don't even know how to solder. I did it last year at schokofabrik, dresden, and it was really lot of fun. I'm actually still soldering since then... (I guess I'm one of the characters on the picture... maybe the one with the black shirt... he looks so stupid)

hope günter will serve drinks during the opening...

more info on
(picture by cordula koerber)

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Cosmos Incorporated

après les obscurs démellés du bonhomme avec gallimard, on craint le pire, ok, mais on achète quand même Cosmos Incorporated la suite de l'impressionnant Villa Vortex.
D'inoubliables maux de crânes en compagnie de Maurice G. Dantec en perspective, mais on reste combatif...

Une minute de synthé à la mémoire de Robert A. Moog, créateur du légendaire appareil du même nom, qui a cramé son dernier transistor avant hier.

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jan's thirtytwobit fan contribution
Jan de weille, who you've seen a couple of month ago here with his cat, strikes back !
He released a nice little software called F2S. You can drag n drop files which are then read as raw sound data. Lot of fun to expect !
This app is probably intended to claim his full devotion to thirtytwobit, and actually features (in an authentic ultra-stupid pure thirtytwobitesque attitude) _stolen_ photos of myself and vincent.
Soon on thirtytwobit's website (when I'll be less lazy ...)

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[compost_23] monocouille à cl3m,os

From: lucille c. <lucille_myrtilles>
Date: Aug 18, 2005 12:11 AM
Subject: RE: [compost_23] monocouille à cl3m,os

love baby love
barbapapa dans tes ouïes

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