open source flash
(re)discovering Open Source Flash :

inspired by two commonly opposite concepts : .swf applications design in one hand and Open Source philosphy in the other hand.
one of the goals is to make available a free multi-platform IDE (called Flames IDE) and additional tools for designing Flash Player compatible files.
Awaiting Flames IDE, you can still try the current Fame and Fames IDEs (that's what I'm actually doing...), which look already quite powerful (feature AS2 support and swf publishing among other).
the guys are already hacking and experimenting with the latest (and actually not yet documented!) Flash Player 8 beta features.

but the main reason why I'm writing about them today is that they're launching a new project, which is called FREE so far (for Flash Remoting Encoded Exchange), and will probably lead to an Open Source alternative to Flash Communication Server.
Interesting, isn't it ?

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